Statutory Reporting

: Putting the Plus in Wings Plus™

We expanded the Wings Annual Statement capabilities on which we built our reputation to include everything needed for regulatory financial reporting and tax compliance in one place, in one flexible service, from one company. Wings Plus includes:

»   Annual Statements

Delivers measurable ROI when preparing annual and quarterly statutory financial statements by automating tasks that require manual labor in competing systems. Connecting all users and reporting locations in one real-time, collaborative reporting environment, Wings Plus logs all user and statement activity for improved internal financial control with auditable verification of who changed what, where, and when. Without IT involvement, each user can create a reusable template of their Excel spreadsheet data to import directly into the statement without copy and paste. » Click here to read our product brief.

»   State Financial Filing Forms

A library of more than 2,500 state financial filing and compliance forms, these are the "other" forms that typically need to be completed at annual statement time, including forms required by various state regulatory agencies, such as Health Insurance Boards, Secretaries of State, et al. Since the library shares the Wings Plus database, data automatically pulls from the annual or quarterly statements to pre-populate state forms, enabling it to be traced back to its origin in the statements. » Click here to read our product brief.

»   Premium Tax

Some premium tax applications don't put all the tax and annual statement data in the same database. That means they can't link the tax returns directly to the source annual statement so form fields in tax forms would automatically update and populate. Wings Plus Premium Tax does. Common database, common data ... uncommonly sensible. » Click here to read our product brief.

»   Risk Location

Assigning state tax jurisdictions with Kentucky-certified risk location technology need not be expensive, labor-intensive, time-consuming, or inaccurate. Wings Plus Risk Location makes all municipal tax, fee, contact, and due-date information available on demand as either a consumable web service or through a browser interface. » Click here to read our product brief.

»   Unclaimed Property

A complete, web-based unclaimed property administration system that assists you in managing the various state specific reporting, due diligence, and record retention requirements. UPExchange™ makes compliance simple, creating unclaimed property reports in all state specific formats, along with required verification and checklists. Making compliance simple, system ever officially endorsed by NAUPA. » Click here to learn more.

»   Portfolio Accounting and Reporting (PAR)

PAR is a cloud-based investment accounting and reporting system that helps ensure that investment transaction reports are created according to the most recent NAIC regulations. It allows you to run Schedule D and management reports, verifies balancing your GL, and enables accounting and tax departments, brokers, and custodial banks to collaborate in real time, from virtually anywhere. » Click here to read our product brief.

»   Compliance Calendar

Wouldn't it be nice to have all of the deadlines and all of the forms for NAIC, state, and tax filings dynamically assembled and visible at a glance in one place? The Wings Plus Compliance Calendar contains detailed information and supporting documentation for each unique filing event and provides a cohesive approach to streamlining your entire reporting process. » Click here to read our product brief.

»   WingsLink Live

How would you like to spend your time at work — confidently analyzing accurate, up-to-the minute, annual and quarterly statement data … or caught in the treadmill of exporting, re-exporting, and re-verifying data before you can even start your analysis? » Click here to read our product brief.

Wings Plus is the only complete, customizable regulatory reporting suite on the market, available via the cloud or local installation . But don’t take our word for it. Ask our competitors. We’ll talk to you after that. 

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