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Tis the season . . . the other season.

By Layton Olson

The regulatory reporting season, or in a common refrain often heard this time of year . . . crunch time. As we do every January, we're going to help make the year-end filing period a little less stressful and time-consuming for you.

One service we provide that is most appreciated and valued by our customers, and those companies that we'd like to become customers, is a summary of the 2011 NAIC updates and changes. This service was highlighted by one of our guest commentators, who also found value in the customer testimonials he's read in our e newsletters. In fact, such testimonials were instrumental in helping him decide to switch to Eagle Technology Management. Now he is eager to spread the word himself.

Speaking of spreading the word. Our resident expert on all-things-NAIC, Randy Hefel, will be publishing a blog titled The NAIC Forum about all the updates, changes, interpretations and news coming out of the NAIC that's of importance to the regulatory reporting community. His blog starts with his review of this year's NAIC year-end updates. He identifies the changes that have been made for your statement type, and has dissected them to clearly explain their impact. We would like you to have a copy of his analysis, with our compliments. Not all noted changes may apply to you, so you can probably skim the document(s) in 15-30 minutes to cull just the tidbits relevant to you. You may also watch a recorded WebEx Webinar where Randy describes the changes in detail and how the changes are applied to the annual statement for the 2011 year-end processing season.

We're offering two ways to access these changes:

  • You can access the summary by clicking the link to Randy's blog in the right column, and/or,

  • Contact Randy at (319) 739-3528, or via email at

As we also do with all e-newsletters, we are pleased to introduce three of your peers who have graciously come forth to offer their thoughts on how and why Eagle Technology Management has made their regulatory reporting responsibilities more productive, efficient, and hassle-free. They are:

Angel Walker
Compliance Leader for Insurance and Wealth Management
Genworth Financial

Felicia Abruzzese
Assistant Vice President & Assistant Controller
SCOR Reinsurance Company

Jesson Joseph
Manager, Statutory Reporting
Bravo Health Insurance Company

Much like Angel, Felicia, Jesson and the more than 1,200 of your peers who came to us from one of our competitors, we have implemented a remarkably user-friendly conversion process; one that is straightforward, minimally disruptive, on-time and on-budget.

You can read more about this by clicking on the link on the right or by contacting me directly at 319-739-3512 or via email at

Layton Olson
Layton Olson

2011 NAIC update summary.

Click HERE to access Randy's blog for a detailed explanation of the 2011 NAIC updates.

We're making switching to ETM as painless as possible.

Click HERE to read about the lengths to which we'll go to make your conversion as smooth as silk.

Don’t just take our word
for it.

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Page 1 Tis the season . . . the other season.
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