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ETM Interview

Dale Clouse
CPCU & Senior Staff Accountant
GUARD Insurance Group

Why did you make the move to Eagle Technology Management?

Well, years ago our previous vendor promised they were going to make the switch to a newer version and they kept putting it off, putting it off, and putting it off. Finally when it came out there were so many glitches it was impossible to use, with too many things wrong with it. We just didn’t have enough time to play around with it. So right in the middle of year-end processing, we had to switch back to the earlier version. At that point we decided to look at other vendors.

What do you see as the benefits of Eagle Technology Management’s SaaS offering?

Quite frankly, I wasn’t even aware of SaaS technology until we started talking with Eagle Technology Management. Ed Thomas (ETM sales executive) explained to me all the benefits of the program, and then said that we could have the technology hosted on our premises or that ETM could host the technology for me at their site. So when I talked to our IT person responsible for third-party software, he loved the idea that ETM could host the software, because basically it was less server space on our end, and at lot less labor intensive updating things. He was sold on it and thrilled to hear that we were considering a system that the vendor would host. That’s why we decided to go with ETM hosting the system. In using the system, we found that it was seamless, works smoothly, faster and cleaner. It was just a totally different experience, a better experience.

What advice would you offer to executives thinking about a SaaS option?

I would recommend, like I did, that they talk to their IT department. If it’s a company like ours, they would probably prefer that the system be hosted by ETM rather than internally. I like the idea of rarely having to worry if our IT department has updated things. In the past, with our previous vendor, I’d get an email that I would have to forward to the IT department. I’d have to wait for them to do something and it would take at least a couple of days. Now with ETM hosting it, it’s basically done on their end.

On my end, I don’t have to worry about waiting for IT to do something for me. It’s a very nice plus knowing that when we get an email from ETM saying that they are making an update on a certain time and date, it’s done. I don’t have to worry about what our IT people are doing.

Time for Change

"In using the system, we found that it was seamless, works smoothly, faster and cleaner. It was just a totally different experience, a better experience."

—Dale Clouse

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